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    Judy Lavine Medical Intuitive Healing Spirit and Body


    AWE ~ The BEST Anti Wrinkle Elixir EVER ~ Secret Formula for Youthful Skin

    Fountain of Health ~ Release your own Adult Stem Cells ~ Look & Become Younger

    Fountain of Youth ~ Using Nano Technology ~ Nourish your body

    A Bonus New Healer: The Magic Silver Bullet

      Health Products: A Bonus New Healer: The Magic Silver Bullet
    Healing Products & Tools for Sale

    A Bonus New Healer: The Magic Silver Bullet

    coming soon: detailed information as to WHY this Silver Sol is far superior than any other silver including colloidal silver.

    Until I get this valuable product information posted, please email me

    ~ go to the upper left of your screen

    for further information.
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      Release Your Own Adult Stem Cells to Rebuild Yourself
    Healing YOU Release your own Adult Stem Cells ~ Time to rebuild

    Why would you want these products? Well, I can only tell you why I want them and do use them! So in a “nut shell” …

    The way to health, repair, and youth is to encourage your body to release your own adult stem cells (which decrease as we age). When your own adult stem cells are released, the cells in your own organs and tissue increase their functioning. Actually these “new” stem cells replace those that no longer function at an optimum level! Now, is that not cool?

    Most people take 2 capsules of StemEnhance from one to three times a day to help release their own stem cells which, then, travel to where most needed thus encouraging increased their body health. I will tell you how I take them further on in this article. Please be aware that we are talking about stem cells found in your own body … not in human embryos.

    There is a sister (brother?) helper/detoxifier called StemFlo that has the job of helping your stem cells reach every part of your body (like shining a flashlight into every corner), supporting optimal blood flow to every part of you, and helping remove toxins and debris that is harmful to your body. Maintaining this circulatory health (excellent blood flow) is sooo important for optimal health.

    Thus we have StemEnhance to renew your body and StemFlo, the helper/detoxifier to allow these adult stem cells to reach every “nook and cranny”and release toxins ~ thus obtaining your optimal health. And that’s it in a nutshell!

    If you have read this far, then either click here for more information via the Stem Cell website or click on "read more" in lower right corner under box.

    P.S. When you click on the above red link, it will take you to the Stem Cell Website. Once you enter that site, click on the lower left of that page to watch neurophysiologist, Christian Drapeau, explain this amazing and unique product ~ as well as why and how it works.

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      Healing: AWE ~ Anti Wrinkle Elixir
    Healing YOU
    A magnificent new facial product formulated toward increasing the beauty of your skin!

    As many of you may know, I have been making skin care products for over 30 years. I believe my most recent product is my best one yet!!! I formulated it specifically toward anti-aging (especially because I am now 64 years old) and who wants to look old? NOT ME!

    Many people have tried this new formula ~ which I call: Anti Wrinkle Elixir ~ whose acronym just happens to be AWE ~ and have reported back that they truly believe it is rejuvenating their skin. Hooray ~ I think we have a winner! Yet, perhaps I am cheating because unconditional love and positive energy is "programmed" into each batch as it is made and so I consider it "a gift from God" and an honour to make.

    Anti Wrinkle Elixir ~ AWE ~ includes the following ingredients: Peach oil, Hibiscus extract, Holarrhena antidysenteriaca extract, Pomegranate extract, Sunflower and Sandal oil, Tellicherry bark, Asparagus extract, Nutmeg flower, Cumin seed, Ginger, Intrasound, Himalayan herbs, Rose oil, and Bu-su-Huang herb, Clove bud, Safflower, Cardamom, Tinospora cordifolia (Guduchi), Arnica cordifolia, Bombax Ceiba, Justicia adhatoda (Malabar Nut), Caraway (Persian cumin), Rubus Sp (Blackberry)

    Massage AWE into face morning and evening ~

    Should you choose to try AWE, please let me know how it “goes” for you. Thanks! By the way, I am very excited about the jar, itself, in that it is brushed aluminum with a white ceramic insert. It is sooo pretty! And it comes with a spatula so that you can keep AWE pure.

    Although other people have asked me if they can sell this product, at this time ~ AWE is only sold through me because it is made by hand and in small amounts. Also, because people have asked for automated monthly shipments, I shall do by best to accommodate you.

    Please call me at 401-465-5438 or email me here if your have any questions about my new AWE or if you would like to purchase some.

    Testimonials ~ (click on read more ->)
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      Health Products: The Fountain of Youth ~ Nano Technology
    Supplements for Mind & Body & Spirit

    I don't know about you, but I do want to be as healthy as I can be whatever age I reach. And so ~ I use these products. Please call me at 401-465-5438 or email me here if you have any questions or would like to purchase these amazing products.

    Fulvic and Humic Acid - Nanoized & incredibly healthy!

    Learn how you can obtain optimum health, slow the aging process, and increase energy using a new technology that will take you on a journey that will change your life and the life of your loved ones forever.

    This product one of the richest sources of Humic and Fulvic acid on earth at the Navaho Indian reservation in New Mexico. Then it goes through a process to nanonize the Humic and Fulvic acid to a state that is so small it can pass through the cell wall.

    What is Humic and Fulvic Acid?

    Millions of years ago plants and animals decomposed and dissolved into the earth to give us our rich oil and gas deposits. The northwest corner of New Mexico is one of the richest deposits of Humic acid in the world. The DNA and organic compounds of these plants and animals did not dissolve into oil or gas; instead they were captured in shale millions of years ago. The complex of Humic and Fulvic acid has proven to be the most powerful organic poly-electrolyte antioxidant and free-radical scavenger known to humankind, serving to balance cell life. This matter was then nanoized into small particulates.
    Comments from people drinking Humic and Fulvic Acid: feelings of well being; increase spirituality; softer skin; better complexion and nails; decreased appetite which is most likely due to the fact that they are drinking new minerals in the form of Fulvic Acid.

    In fact, Nano consumers experience improved life styles ... such as golf and racquetball games improve, deeper sleep, and a new daily energy improving outlooks on life. Nanotechnology seems to be the "Missing Link" for Optimum Health.

    Other Nanoized products

  • NANO SILVER - A colloidal silver that helps improve your immune system.
  • NANO 2+ - A water additive that feeds your cells with 85 trace minerals, 18 Amino acids & 28 enzymes
  • NANO BIO-SIM - A nature product to rid the body of Parasites, worms, yeast fungus and other invaders that harm your health.
  • NANO SKIN REJUVENATOR - Helps restore elasticity (less wrinkles) and bring your skin to a soft clear complexion
  • NANO HUMIC or Alpha (on left) & FULVIC ACID or Omega (on right)

    $39 each

    Many scientists throughout the world call Fulvic Acid "the missing link to optimum health". According to the Water Quality Association, Fulvic Acid is a "water-soluble, natural, organic substance of low molecular weight, often found in surface water." It is one of several subclasses of Humic Acids that arise from complex mixtures of partially decomposed organic materials ~ or ~in other words, Humic Acids are biological compounds created by Mother Earth. These composites were originally deposited by pristine, ancient forests and compacted and transformed over millions of years, waiting to be extracted for our use today.

    To be further educated about other Nano Products, please click under "read more" over there -->

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      Health Products: Menstrogesic: Period Pain and Menstrual Cramps Relief Cream
    Healing Products & Tools for Sale

    Menstrogesic: Period Pain and Menstrual Cramps Relief Cream is a new product ~developed in Australia, made in the USA, and just introduced.

    Menstrogesic is not only new ~ it is the only analgesic cream especially formulated to relieve Period Pain and Menstrual Cramps naturally! Simply apply a small amount to the lower abdomen, lower back, or "sore sites" when pain flares up. I have tested this product on some of my daughters and friends who have a difficult time during their monthly. Results: for a few it helped enough for them to want to have it on hand but for most it helped so much they wanted to buy a case of it immediately! Surprisingly, for some it even caused lower back pain, groin pain and pms to disappear!

    I was able to get Menstrogesic at a great price because my friend is the sole distributor for it. How neat is that? Menstrogesic comes in a convenient 22.5 gram tube. Retail price is $9.99 plus shipping bringing your total to $11. Oh! and you might want to know what it is made of. Plants, of course!

    Please call me at 401-465-5438 or email me here.

    (Read More... )

      Healing: Basic Crystal Layout
    Crystal Healing

    A Basic Crystal Layout

    Many people have asked me how crystals can be used in healings. I believe what they mean is how does one set up crystals around and on the body to promote healing. If any of this gets confusing, please call me at 401-465-5438 or email me here.

    While it is true that different layouts have different effects on the body and by that I mean that there are different layouts for different diseases, I believe that if one is in touch with their intuition, they will use the correct stone at the correct time and in the correct way. However, I do realize people like to know exactly how to use them ~ at least until they are able to leave "doubt" behind and trust that God will give them the proper information.

    And so ... for the time being, I will start you off. I promise I will definitely add more information as the time becomes available to me. For a basic overall healing, have your "client" lay on their back on the floor or on a massage table with their head facing east if possible - and if not possible, north. I am more comfortable on the floor; but it matters not!

    And, by the way, if you wish to purchase crystals or have questions answered, just call me at 401-465-5438 or email me here to discuss what you need to buy ~ or ask any question. I can, also, program crystals for you if you wish. I have a variety of types for sale, including the "famous" Vogel crystals!

    (Read More... )

      Healing: What is a medical intuitive, anyway?
    Long Distance Healing

    This is both a simple concept and a complex concept depending upon one's belief system. If you are wondering how healing can take place "long-distance," you're not the only one! Basically, a medical intuitive or "healer" is a person who can see and interpret the energy in and around another's body. More like the telepathy animals have ~ and we are animals. Many have this ability to see, hear, and feel what is going on from thousands of miles away. It is important to know that distance is not an issue and this is not an unusual talent.

    You may have heard medical intuitive termed as remote viewing. Although the CIA believes that they invented remote viewing in the 1970's for the purpose of psychically seeing what the Russians were up to, people who have heard of the "healer" Edgar Cayce know that he psychically "read" and "healed" people in the early 1900's ~ and I am certain this intuitive ability has always existed.

    (Read More... )

      Healing: A Case Study: Past Life Regression
    Healing YOU

    Healing through the Past

    I thought you might be interested in reading a past life case study. And so ... Laura, a physics professor at a RI university, was 54 years old. She had severe muscle spasms cramping her right shoulder, torso, and arm. The spasms were there in front of her classroom, sitting while meeting with students, and lying down in bed. It was a constant and painful condition. She wondered whether an alternative route would help because what was offered to her were drugs which made her lethargic and did not relieve the spasms.

    I "asked" her body for the preferred modality of healing choosing among: nutritional support, homeopathics, hypnosis and regression, NLP, crystal and vibrational energy, shamanic, aromatherapy, entity removal, and Reiki. Her body chose past life regression.

    (Read More... )

      News: Judy Lavine ~ gifted shaman, healer, medical intuitive
    News Judy is a gifted healer. One of the more exciting aspects of her practice is that you do not have to be there in person to experience a healing! Many people receive healings from Judy in the comfort of their own home. Because she is a medical intuitive, she is blessed with the ability to "see" into a person's body from a distance and conduct a healing from afar.

    A great example of this type of healing is a gentleman from 3,000 miles away, called her with complaints of depression and pains in his lower back.

    "You tell it, Judy."

    "Sure. When I 'looked' into his body to see what was going on, I found several problems...the biggest one being a congested liver. It would be hard to feel active and 'spunky' when your liver is sluggish. So with his permission, I cleaned out his liver, removed heavy energies surrounding it, suggested milk thistle as an herbal liver cleanser, and continued on my search. I could see a disc in his lower spine slipping toward his left side, again with his permission, I realigned it. He gave such a sigh of relief. It's exciting to hear that over the phone! While this 'immmediate healing' often happens, healings can, also, take up to a few months before settling in comfortably. I love it when it happens quick, though!"

    To arrange your healing today, call Judy at 401-465-5438 or email her here.
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      Welcome to
    The contents of this website could change your life...
    Take a few moments to discover how.

    "Open the door to your Mind..."
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